Looking for some fun photography classes???

Hello everyone,

I know I have been lacking in updates on here, but I have been super busy!

Starting in spring of 2015 I will be teaching photography classes at The Aperture Lab in Charlotte! If you have been wanting to learn photography basics of how to use your digital camera (Point and Shoot or DSLR), advanced DSLR techniques, or my personal favorite Working With On and Off camera flash/strobes, you will have a new, fun place to go!

We will not be teaching these classes in the traditional stuffy or stare at slide show manner, they will be fun, hands on, and informative classes teaching you real world usable skills. What do I mean by real world? I mean teaching you how to capture those precious family moments at birthdays, vacations, recitals, etc, etc.

We are not looking to teach you how to be a professional photographer, that takes years of dedication, mastering your craft, business skills, and commitment. We certainly can help you achieve that, but our primary goal is to teach you how to be an awesome photographer!



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