Eight Sushi and Asian Kitchen…

Anyone who knows me, knows I love food! So getting hired to shoot a restaurant is one of my dream clients! Eight is a new restaurant at the NC Music Factory, it is located next to Osso. Eight specializes in Sushi and Asian cuisine and supports local farmers! They use local farms for appetizers and small plates, and they even used a local artist for all of the graffiti artwork in the restaurant. Be sure to check out Eight as soon as you can, you will not be disappointed!!

Eight’s Website – http://www.eightcharlotte.com/
Eight on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/eightcharlotte/info


Industrial Street Sweeper…

As a commercial photographer the market can be filled with some really interesting things to shoot, so when Johnston North America needed to shoot one of their latest industrial street sweeper machines for a national ad campaign I was ready and excited!

Johnston is an international company that builds the number one rated industrial street sweepers on the market. Big rating, big company, and this was going to be one big shoot! The shoot required both on-location images AND studio images. Even my studio was not big enough for this machine so we booked of a couple of days, rented out a production sound stage and I went to work.

The location images had to show the machine in one of its targeted habitats (construction sites) and the studio images had to show the details and build quality of the machine itself. This was an amazingly fun shoot! So with out further banter, I give you the brand new Johnston ES351 street sweeper.

P.S. Johnston was kind enough to send over a copy of one of the posters that is on display at the American Public Works Association Public Works Congress & Expo (APWA), heralded as the largest public works gathering in the world, to be held in Toronto, Ontario at the Metro Toronto Convention Center this weekend for the debut of the ES 351.


Carolina Bride Magazine – Issue #3

Hello everyone,

Today I would like to share another magazine feature for Lift-Off! This year I have worked with Carolina Bride Magazine on a few shoots, for the most recent issue they surprised with some really cool products to shoot. They brought some really awesome hand made jewelry and some tasty frozen treats! And then to top that off, they gave me one full page and a full two page spread in the issue!

If you are a bride to be you should definitely check out the magazine, pick one up at your local news stand or online.


Making a splash with food photography…

I have had this idea for a while and finally got around to doing it. Simply put, drop some food into a tank of water and SPLASH!!! Unfortunately its not that simple, it requires careful set up, lighting, perfect timing, and some luck! But in the end I think the results were worth all of the effort! See for yourself…

Mermaids!? For real!?!?!?

This past weekend I worked at Fintastic in Charlotte for their 22 Year Anniversary event, what a blast!

It’s not everyday you get to see a live mermaid! Not to mention all of the beautiful tropical and fresh water fish they have there for sale. Need aquarium supplies? They have got you covered. In fact, I myself and my fiance who is getting her masters in environmental science are both aquarium junkies. I even wound up buying a 135 Gallon aquarium for at home, sure to be a really fun project!

Enjoy some of the photos from the event and be sure to check out Fintastic and the mermaids on Facebook!

Fintastic on FB https://www.facebook.com/fintasticfish?fref=ts
Bonnie the Mermaid FB https://www.facebook.com/bonnie.lavender.583?fref=ts&ref=br_tf
Jessica the Mermaid FB https://www.facebook.com/mermaidjessica.usa

Tunes Alive T-Shirt Shoot


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For all the musicians out there; Tunes Alive is a company you should really check out! They handle promoting, streaming, and many other random awesome things related to helping musicians get their music out there. Be sure to checkout and … Continue reading