A new Cosplay project…

Hello Everyone,

Today I released this teaser image for a new cosplay project I am working on, there will be more details on this released soon, so stayed tuned! and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LiftOffPhotography and on Instagram @liftoffstudios for more updates.

Copyright: Lift-Off Studios

Copyright: Lift-Off Studios


Cosplay Feature – The Punisher

Hello everyone,

I had the chance to work with Mike Powell again photographing his latest cosplay creation of The Punisher… This is just a small teaser shoot for a much larger scale shoot we will be doing in the next month or two, and just to up the ante the shoot will feature a full on Punisher Mobil put together by myself… Enjoy!

You can follow Mike on twitter @MikePowellNC

Cosplay Feature – Magneto

Since I will be at C2E2 for the next few days I figured I would give all of you another cosplay masterpiece to check out…

Mike Powell is back, this time as Magneto… And yet again he has nailed it spot on! We are planning a larger, more intense shoot with this cosplay, so these are more like teasers of whats to come!

You can follow Mike on twitter @MikePowellNC

Cosplay Feature – Captain America

Today I bring you images from a cosplay shoot with Mike Powell as Captain America, Mike really brought this hero to life with this one. When I heard about Mike’s work on this from my friend Bob (Judge Dredd cosplay) I knew I had to have Mike come in for a photo shoot.

Mike constructed the cosplay with some help from costume replica company God Save the Queen Fashions, and Chris Fields. The detail work is impeccable, right down to the textures of the materials, the colors, and even the battle scars on the helmet and shield.

You can follow Mike on twitter @MikePowellNC
You can follow God Save the Queen Fashions on Facebook @ GodSavethe QueenFashions
You can follow Chris Fields on Facebook @ Chris Fields

Cosplay Feature – Judge Dredd

One really fun part of my business is that I get a chance to work some of the many talented cosplayers out there, so going forward I shall feature any of them I work with here on this blog.

That said, I have always loved the Judge Dredd character, even the film starring Silvester Stallone and the new Dredd staring Carl Urban. When I found out my friend Bob had done the classic Comic Book version of Dredd I just had to get it in front of my camera!!! Bob is a cosplayer and costume designer/artist. The detail of this cosplay is flat out awesome and spot on. For this one he did call in a little help from his friend Jordan at to make the massive shoulder pieces. While bob did the suit, gloves, boots and other details. Honestly, its a little intimidating when he puts it on, he even has the Dredd Scowl down perfect…

Two very Talented artist came together to create one amazing piece of work!

Bob’s Facebook Page

Jordan’s Facebook Page

Megacon 2014

I know I said posts would start posting up April 1st, but here is a quick fun blog just for the heck of it!

Lift-Off just went to Megacon 2014 down in Orlando, FL. We were there working at a booth with an artist called CJ Draden (more about him later), enjoy the photos bellow and please check out his artwork at . If you would like to see more photos check out the gallery on Facebook

Super Heroes – Clark Kent


This gallery contains 5 photos.

One of the characters on list for our Super Hero Project was Clark Kent. I think Super Man has one of the most recognizable transformations in comic book history. Everyone knows the classic rip the shirt and tie open to … Continue reading

Tomb Raider – Photo Shoot


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This weekend we had a photo shoot we’ve been looking forward to for some time now. Dave and I have been ramping up for this super hero project and have A LOT on the plate for the future. We wanted … Continue reading

Charlotte – ComiCon – April, 2013


If you haven’t figured it out by now… David and I are total nerds… What better way to embrace this than by surrounding yourself with 1200+ nerds? We went to ComiCon here in Charlotte to check out the amazing comic books, action figures, artists, and of course… the cosplayers! Some really fun costumes today and met a lot of great people! I even got turned into Mike from Monster’s Inc. We are about to start up a HUGE super hero project and took today as a great way to start meeting some of the local super heroes and talk about the upcoming project. Another really cool guy to check out is William over at Rebel Star Studios He gave me an awesome Captain America art piece that he did and we’re hoping to work with him on our project for some future ideas! Enjoy some of the finals from our Nerd Quest of the day: