Live Music with Saving Able…

Hello everyone! This past weekend a buddy of mine, invited me to go with him to shoot the Saving Able concert and Amos’ Southend. Trace is a concert photographer that I met when working for Harley-Davidson, be sure to check out his site for Sonic Zoom Studio…

Amos’ Southend is a really cool venue and they get some really awesome performers. As I mentioned this concert was Saving Able, along with Elisium, and Another Lost Year opening for them. Saving Able was of course awesome! But I want to note that Elisium also won me over with their rock version cover of The Safety Dance. So enjoy the images below and please check out everyone’s sites as well…

Sonic Zoom Studio –
Saving Able FB –
Elisium FB –
Another Lost Year FB –


Just dance!

Today I would like to introduce Christina, she is a Ballroom dance instructor at Dynamic Ballroom in Huntersville, NC. I’ve known Christina for a little over two years and after a lot of scheduling conflicts we finally got a chance to get together and do some new portfolio images for her. I hope you enjoy the images!

FB Page for Dynamic Ballroom
FB Page for Christina

Bringing Music To Life


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This past week has been a super busy one for Lift-Off Photography and there is a lot more coming this month! David had an idea for an image he wanted to create taking his love of music and learning to … Continue reading

Photo Shoot – Musicians – Lamont Starr – April, 2013


The other day we got a call from Lamont Starr asking if we could do another shoot for him. We were psyched to work with a talented local artist again and were pleased even more when we were asked to help with getting these images ready for his album cover! Lamont wanted us to bring out Lucy (David’s ’53 Ford) for this shoot too which was like music to our ears because it gave us an excuse to ride around in style through uptown Charlotte. Enjoy the finals and keep an eye out for Lamont’s album when it drops!










PhotoShoot – Musicians – Sam Crowell


Sam Crowell is a local musician we met one night out with friends. After swapping a lot musical conversation, Sam asked if we’d do some portfolio work for him. Make sure you check Sam out on facebook. Here are some of the finals from the shoot after Sam stopped by the studio the other day:









Photoshoot – Oksana McCarthy Cello Studio – March, 2013


If you are a fan of classical music or just string instruments in general, then you should check out Oksana McCarthy Cello Studio . Oksana is originally from Uzbekistan and regularly performs with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra as well as other acts in the area. Oksana has a very diverse range in styles and types of music she can perform and has many different musicians that she interacts with depending on the situation. One of the quartet groups she has came into the studio for some portfolio work the other day. If you recall, we had a shout out to Oksana McCarthy on our blog from the wedding expo, which we’d like to say thanks again to her for helping out! Enjoy some of the Finals:









Heritage Classic – Ballroom Competition – Metropolitan Ballroom


After our recent shoot with Metropolitan Ballroom for their portfolio portraits, we were invited to come along and photograph the students and instructors competing in the Heritage Classic in Asheville, NC. Being new to the ballroom dancing scene; this was my first time at a competition, which words can not really capture the level of how amazing this event was to be a spectator/photographer at. Getting to see all the professionals at their best is really a site to see! Thursday was really a blast for me personally as I enjoy smooth style dancing and got to see several foxtrots throughout the evening. Friday was all about the Latin dances and it was great to see some of the students from Metropolitan competing and taking home trophies!
The location was nothing to complain about either… Grove Park Inn is a beautiful place that has scenery, architecture, and style wrapped into one! Dave and I drove up on Thursday and got right to shooting pictures. It started snowing Friday morning and we got to drive back in it all the way back to Charlotte late Friday night. Everyone did such an amazing job at the competition and it feels great to be part of the dancing community here in Charlotte. We had a blast and can’t wait until the next competition… we’ll have the cameras ready! Enjoy some of the finals from the competition:

amanda (4)

amanda (19)

dasha (6)

dasha (27)

heather (4)

heather (28)

lisa (32)

marketa (4)

mirra (32)

mirra (48)

misc (5)

ranko (19)











Alissa and Conner (6)

Musician’s – David Hamilton Jr.


David had the opportunity to have a photo shoot with David Hamilton Jr. who is a talented local drummer in Charlotte. Before a show this past Saturday night, David and David got together to get some sweet photos done! David Hamilton Jr. is related to Tim Scott, the drummer from Up From the Low, another talented musician! Enjoy some of the finals from David’s shoot with David Hamilton Jr:








Dancing With The “Charlotte” Stars – Metropolitan Ballroom


When David and I first met he immediately tried talking me into going ballroom dancing with his girlfriend and him. After I finally gave into giving it a chance, I was surprised by two things; 1.) How much I really enjoyed it and 2.) How NOT so easy it is… Ballroom dancing is such a relaxing, challenging, and great social activity. We have made several great friends at Metropolitan Ballroom including some of their amazing instructors like Clement, Tatiana, Ranko, Darinka and Nickolai.
The experience of watching professional ballroom dancers is honestly mesmerizing; the timing, practice, and passion that all show as a result in the final performance. Metropolitan has been apart of some really amazing stuff in the Charlotte community. They recently teamed up with the Charlotte Symphony for another one of their amazing events. The instructors and their students are constantly bringing back trophies from their competitions as well. If you’ve ever wanted to try or experience ballroom dancing, this is the place to do it!
One of the running jokes that we have is how every time we’re in the dance studio, we’re the ones playing and they are having to work. Well, the tables were finally turned on us when we were asked to come in and do some portrait work for them. David and I had a blast and many laughs with a great group of people! Be sure to check out their website for some other photos. Enjoy some finals from the day:







Kerri Lashawn & Up From The Low – R&B Night


The other night Dave had the change to go Uptown and photograph a great R&B group, Kerri Lashawn & Up From The Low. Live music is such an uplifting experience and it affects everyone so differently. It’s so cool getting to see a group of musicians get together and deliver a great sound that everybody can get down too. Put some powerful vocals in there and you’re set! Enjoy some of the finals from Dave’s night out: