Newborn life…

This past weekend I was given the honor of doing newborn images, this provided a new challenge for me as I have never done a newborn session before. But photography is about challenges and sometimes capturing life’s moments, so what better than a newborn? Little Alice was very well behaved, in fact I think she rather enjoyed having her picture taken!

I hope you enjoy viewing the following images as much as I enjoyed creating them.



Hobbies and Love…

Hello everyone, sorry for the slight delay in the blog this past week, but I have something special for you this time… Something Personal.

People that know that me well know that I have a passion for automobiles. A passion I have had since I got my first car when I was 17 years old, and ever since then I wanted a classic car. Well it took just over 15 years, but in 2012 I finally got my classic car! Her name is Lucy and she is a 1953 Ford Mainline Coupe.

But, now I was missing that special someone to go cruising with me… Well as fate would have it, just under two years later I found the love of my life, Hilary. Within six months we were engaged and set to be married this year in November!

So, it made perfect sense to me that I needed to do a photoshoot of the two of them together… Here are the photos from that shoot.

A Day With A Model – Taylor Jones – March-2013


You’ve seen Taylor Jones on our blog, facebook page, and website multiple times before. She was our first model we worked with after Lift-Off Photography was formed and has come back to us for portfolio work a few more times now. I’ve said it before, and it still rings true, Taylor is a fun model to work with. She is professional and keeps you laughing at the same time. So, I get a phone call from Taylor asking if we could do some swimwear shots for her portfolio. Seeing how it had been in the mid 40’s the past few weeks, I assumed she meant when it warmed up. Nope… we went for a hike out in the mountains to find a waterfall to get some shots. When we got to the top there was quite a bit of ice around so we did get a few shots but decided to head back and just get some fun costume shots instead. After talking Taylor asked if we could could do a boudoir shoot as well. This was a lot warmer than sub 40’s waterfall situations and we got some great shots! Enjoy a few finals from the shoot:














A Day With A Model – Taylor Jones


You may recognize Taylor Jones from our previous post where we got to do a photo shoot with some cool bikes and we first met Taylor. Shortly after, Taylor dropped by the studio for the day to get some portraits done for her portfolio. Taylor is real hip chick and as always is very fun to work with. She makes my job easy and has an attitude that keeps you laughing. While she’s a beautiful model and super fun to work with; she is terrible with street directions… Anyway, enjoy some of the finals from the shoot:

Taylor Jones 12-3-2012

Taylor Jones 12-3-2012-2

Taylor Jones 12-3-2012-2-2

Taylor Jones 12-3-2012-3

Taylor Jones 12-3-2012-4

Taylor Jones 12-3-2012-6

Taylor Jones 12-3-2012-7

Taylor Jones 12-3-2012-8

Taylor Jones 12-3-2012-11

Taylor Jones 12-3-2012-12