Photography classes start in April!

Hey everyone,

The website has gone live for The Aperture Lab!!! Take a minute to look around and maybe sign up for a class or two…


Looking for some fun photography classes???

Hello everyone,

I know I have been lacking in updates on here, but I have been super busy!

Starting in spring of 2015 I will be teaching photography classes at The Aperture Lab in Charlotte! If you have been wanting to learn photography basics of how to use your digital camera (Point and Shoot or DSLR), advanced DSLR techniques, or my personal favorite Working With On and Off camera flash/strobes, you will have a new, fun place to go!

We will not be teaching these classes in the traditional stuffy or stare at slide show manner, they will be fun, hands on, and informative classes teaching you real world usable skills. What do I mean by real world? I mean teaching you how to capture those precious family moments at birthdays, vacations, recitals, etc, etc.

We are not looking to teach you how to be a professional photographer, that takes years of dedication, mastering your craft, business skills, and commitment. We certainly can help you achieve that, but our primary goal is to teach you how to be an awesome photographer!

Making a splash with food photography…

I have had this idea for a while and finally got around to doing it. Simply put, drop some food into a tank of water and SPLASH!!! Unfortunately its not that simple, it requires careful set up, lighting, perfect timing, and some luck! But in the end I think the results were worth all of the effort! See for yourself…

Newborn life…

This past weekend I was given the honor of doing newborn images, this provided a new challenge for me as I have never done a newborn session before. But photography is about challenges and sometimes capturing life’s moments, so what better than a newborn? Little Alice was very well behaved, in fact I think she rather enjoyed having her picture taken!

I hope you enjoy viewing the following images as much as I enjoyed creating them.


Sittin’ Tall and Rugged…

This week I bring you some images of a badass Jeep Wrangler that belongs to a buddy of mine over at the local 4Wheel Parts Center. This thing is really awesome and to top it off he did all the work on it over the course of just one weekend!

Mermaids!? For real!?!?!?

This past weekend I worked at Fintastic in Charlotte for their 22 Year Anniversary event, what a blast!

It’s not everyday you get to see a live mermaid! Not to mention all of the beautiful tropical and fresh water fish they have there for sale. Need aquarium supplies? They have got you covered. In fact, I myself and my fiance who is getting her masters in environmental science are both aquarium junkies. I even wound up buying a 135 Gallon aquarium for at home, sure to be a really fun project!

Enjoy some of the photos from the event and be sure to check out Fintastic and the mermaids on Facebook!

Fintastic on FB
Bonnie the Mermaid FB
Jessica the Mermaid FB

Cosplay Feature – Magneto

Since I will be at C2E2 for the next few days I figured I would give all of you another cosplay masterpiece to check out…

Mike Powell is back, this time as Magneto… And yet again he has nailed it spot on! We are planning a larger, more intense shoot with this cosplay, so these are more like teasers of whats to come!

You can follow Mike on twitter @MikePowellNC

The Cover and More!!!

More big news this week for Lift-Off, recent images I did for The Bike Exchange just got featured on the cover of Bagger Magazine and a full article inside as well! This makes the second feature like this I have gotten, if you like custom motorcycles then run out to the local newsstand and grab a copy…

You can follow The Bike Exchange on FB

You can follow Baggers Magazine on FB @



Just dance!

Today I would like to introduce Christina, she is a Ballroom dance instructor at Dynamic Ballroom in Huntersville, NC. I’ve known Christina for a little over two years and after a lot of scheduling conflicts we finally got a chance to get together and do some new portfolio images for her. I hope you enjoy the images!

FB Page for Dynamic Ballroom
FB Page for Christina

The Dress and Mr. GQ

Hello again everyone,

Today I’m here to talk about wedding imagery, in particular something I do at my studio called The Dress and Mr. GQ. I’ve always thought that with all the money spent on a wedding dress, why not have more than the standard bridal images of it from the wedding day? I like to bring the bride into my studio a week or two before the wedding for a portrait session of her and the dress. This also gives the bride a proof of concept for her Hair and Make Up she wants the day of the wedding.

Of course why stop there? The groom deserves a chance to shine too! This lead to the idea of the Mr. GQ session, the groom can go full Tux or show off his personality in his favorite Jeans and T-Shirt.

Neither the Bride or Groom gets to see their significant others images until after the wedding, which makes for a fun surprise!

Here are a few examples…