Osso Restaurant and Lounge…

Its food time again!!! Osso is a restaurant at the NC Music Factory, it is located next to. Osso is a very popular stop in Charlotte and has even been featured on The Bachelorette. Be sure to check out Osso on your night out, you will not be disappointed!!

Osso’s Website – http://ossocharlotte.com/
Osso on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ossocharlotte


Eight Sushi and Asian Kitchen…

Anyone who knows me, knows I love food! So getting hired to shoot a restaurant is one of my dream clients! Eight is a new restaurant at the NC Music Factory, it is located next to Osso. Eight specializes in Sushi and Asian cuisine and supports local farmers! They use local farms for appetizers and small plates, and they even used a local artist for all of the graffiti artwork in the restaurant. Be sure to check out Eight as soon as you can, you will not be disappointed!!

Eight’s Website – http://www.eightcharlotte.com/
Eight on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/eightcharlotte/info

Making a splash with food photography…

I have had this idea for a while and finally got around to doing it. Simply put, drop some food into a tank of water and SPLASH!!! Unfortunately its not that simple, it requires careful set up, lighting, perfect timing, and some luck! But in the end I think the results were worth all of the effort! See for yourself…

Project – 52 – Week – 5 – Dessert


Days like today are the type when I love being a photographer. Our theme this week for P-52 was all about some sweet, sugary, goodness! Dave and I had a huge laugh going through the chocolate shop and dessert aisle at the grocery store. Eyeballing all the sweets and goodies to our hearts’ content. This was actually a challenging week for me as product photography is definitely Dave’s area of expertise. We both had some awesome images in the end (thanks for the help Dave!) and resisted temptation long enough to get the shots before giving in to our glutenous ways i.e. me scarfing down the cannoli before typing this… Enjoy the finals from Week – 5 (also see below for Dave’s Week 4 catch up!).



Alrighty… so Dave is bouncing back after his sick week and he got his IOU caught up from week – 4 – BLUE. Dave’s inspiration comes from a dream of flying and when he thinks of the color blue, he imagines flight and freedom. Going into his favorite area of Product photography; Dave light-ninja’d one of (maybe even) the best photos I’ve seen of his! Please enjoy Dave’s Final from Week – 4: